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    Chanlers Oc,rp characters


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    Chanlers Oc,rp characters

    Post  Chanler on Tue Jul 13, 2010 8:27 am

    Race: Rabbit/renamon
    Age: Unknown

    About character: Dargo is rather a unusual character. Mostly likes being random at times. He's has alot of fighting experince on account that everyone he's encountered has always wanted to either challenge him or kill him. And altho dargo is rather powerful in strength and rather hard to kill he really' fights only in close quarter's meaning he's basicly a fist fighter and kickboxer while sometimes useing range weapons.



    Age:Unknown yet act's like she's 18

    About character:Not much is known about her. She ounce was summoned by a evil warlock. But went and attacked him ounce she was summoned one to many times taking and devouring his soul and aquiring his spells afterwards. After studying around the world she realizes she resembles a creature known as a renamon. She hides her wings and makes her tail very fluffy to blend with them. She has the power to grow in size becoming a macro at will. And likes nothing more then to seduce her captures till they leave themselfs very vulnerable and let there life fall in her hands. >:3 She also hates being called a monster.

    Name: Roarick

    Race: Human/werewolf

    Age: 20

    About character:Ounce a creative inventor making machines and robot's. But then he found out it was rather pointless as all his work was destroyed by a giant renamon named zoey X3. He now relaxes and lives a somewhat normal life. He still keeps his rather large robotic wolf (About 80 feet tall >.<) named jubahlee as a pet.
    He can also change into a werewolf but not at will as it seems to only happen in dire siturations.

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