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    All my Chars to date


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    All my Chars to date

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    Malanok Tryce:
    Wolf guy who is my main char for RPing he has his own thread ^-^

    Was a human, but got tricked by Ravanna (see further down) and was turned into an athro, after years of adventure he finally managed to make it back to his own dimension and time. However his wife couldn't accept what he became and left him. Now ridiculously rich from his adventure Cal dreams about his ex-wife whilst drinking drinks at one of Tyler's bars which cost way too much for what they are.
    A pacifist at heart Cal normally refuses to fight, but will allow others to fight for him, but if he cannot stop the fighting through none violent means he does have a trick or two up his sleeve.
    Cal is an anthro with traits from many different creatures, mostly an otter and has tendrils from his face like facial hair from a dragon.

    Tyler is a sleazeball who runs bars throughout space and time, his first bar was placed outside of time and space, allowing anyone from any-time to turn up whenever. Despite his middle-aged look Tyler is stuck between being aged 20 and 40 (varies) due to exposure to time rifts.
    When it comes to fighting Tyler doesn't care who wins, what the stakes are and such; only that his bar is alright and has customers in it after the fight. Most of the time he doesn't need to fight as he can threaten people with being banned from entering any of his bars ever again, and Tyler's bar is the place to be.

    Felix Wolfe:
    Felix Wolfe is a wolf anthro (surprise... I like anthros) who was abandoned at birth, the only one of his kind that he knows he tried to fit into society, however he never quite fitted in.
    Felix entered the arena but never aimed to kill his opponents, he is almost unbeatable when armed with his long knives and is trained with most kinds of close combat weapons.
    However then an indecent occurred which changed his life. (competition is over btw ^-^)

    Kayden "Longshot":
    By far one of my favourite characters I have made. Kayden is a free running sniper. not that he free runs in his spare time and snipes people whilst at work, he does both at the same time. Guess what? He is an anthro too, this time however it is a Jaguar anthro.
    Kayden has a feel for sniper rifles and almost never misses, however he struggles to use other firearms; as such he uses a sawn-off redwood (old sawn-off rifle) as a pistol. Kayden is faster, stronger and smarter than average humans but is not the fastest, the strongest, nor the smartest being round. Kayden is quite adept at swordplay but struggles with other weapons (including two handed swords).

    Flora is my take on a superhero. She was daughter of a VIP who was then kidnapped. to make her father pay up they decided to torture her, she should have died (very bad torture) but Ravanna kept M'Nack at bay. Several days in, Flora's body is in taters (don't want to go into detail... quite goery) when Ravanna walks into the room (she has only seen him in dreams up until now) and releases her. She tries to kill him (she wanted to die during the torture but he wouldn't let her) but a beam of light shoots from his hand and hits her in the chest. She finds herself in a new body. This body is faster stronger etc then a normal human, but her main power is to split. basically she can split anything such as air; normal room temperature can be made out of super hot air and super cold air, super hot gas ball in her right hand and super cold in her left... you get the picture? Flora cannot talk whilst she wears her mask (refers back to the torture) but uses telepathy instead.

    Lesswysh is kind of the opposite of Flora, she is like an anti-hero, but she is not evil... like Waylander...
    I don't like to write about her because I always get it wrong, thin of the embodiment of your worst nightmare but into woman's body, then make it at least 10x worse.
    Anyhoo Lesswysh does what she wants when she wants, and no one is going to stop her. Lesswysh is incredibly agile, faster than shadows* and as ethereal as a nightmare.
    Lesswysh enjoys inflicting pain on others, physically and mentally. Lesswysh usually carries:
    2 poisoned long knives, 10 throwing knives, 1 hand-and-a-half sword, 2 silenced sawn-off's 2 shoe blades (one each foot obviously), bladed greaves, 2 wrist blades, 2 elbow bladed gauntlets, 10 shurikens, 2 chackrams, 1 kyoketsu-shoge, 1 electrified mace and 1 neuro-blade (blade which kills all motory neurons, bar the ones needed to live)

    *and shadows travel faster than light (proof? the darkness is always there waiting for the light)

    Kolonam and Agi:
    Kolonam and Agi are my take on anthro heroes (What? It's me! What were you expecting?) and are bound to each other, it is painful for Kolonam to be separated from Agi for too long; Agi does not feel a thing.
    Kolonam is a futuristic knight, his armour is always more futuristic then the current time (throw him 1000 years into the future and his armour will be better than theirs), who tries not to talk.
    Kolonam was a normal soldier who was captured and experimented on, permanently binding his helmet to his head (you would not believe the number of people who get that wrong). Kolonam uses magic, religion, and science together as a sword and shield, so if you can out magic him, he still has two means of attacking you.
    Kolonam is amazingly sagacious and intelligent, frequently building weapons for himself.
    Kolonam carries the following equipment:
    Daemonbane Sword (can be summoned to him)
    Sheild of the Titans (also can be summoned to him
    forearm mounted blade (is part of his armour and only used when all else fails)
    Shoulder mounted gun (this is actually mounted on a track across his back allowing it to shoot over either shoulder, the type of gun can vary as Kolonam does change his kit regularly) - (currently broken)

    Agi is a daemon who, for a reason unknown to most (including Kolonam), works with Kolonam. Agi is a shape-shifter but her usual guise is that or a motor-bike, this motor-bike is not one set shape but shape-shifts as she sees fit, making her look slower than she actually is in most scenarios. Agi's other usual guise is that of an unnaturally slender and elongated woman who is bald and has no face (only purple eyes).
    Agi can have claws sharp enough to cut through anything; she can breath or shoot fire; she can fade into shadows; she can devour peoples souls; she can teleport. However she only really teleports the rest of the time she is happy to leave everything to Kolonam and remain in her motorbike guise.

    A Demi-god who plays with fate and such. Never gets his hands dirty, just pulls strings.
    Don't misunderstand me, he would tear almost anyone (except for Malanok and Malama) to shreds if he wanted to. Usually in the guise of a pale businessman with black hair, but from time to time appears as a Napoleonic soldier, but only when he believes that no-one is looking.

    Young (20's) and hotheaded; other than that she takes after her dad, Ravanna.

    My version of Death, he is pale, lithe, has a stare which stops people in their tracks and a great sense of humour. Seriously, this is my nicest character. We all know someone who everyone likes, M'Nack (or just Nack to friends) is that kind of guy. M'Nack doesn't go around killing people, just helps people who have died but refuse to go on (ghosts?). Unfortunately all life on the world he lives on was destroyed by humans (someone messed up ("Who devided by 0?" as my friend put it)) so now he is constantly bored and alone, from time to time he leaves the world he lives on, but he must always return. Nack spends most of his time training (as there is so little else to do). Nack has the ability to keep people alive when they should be dead and vice versa. Nack usually carries:
    2 sickles he made himself (can pass straight through anything but the target without leaving any traces)
    1 Shifting Scyth (A weapon I invented (by story Kolonam made it, Malcome brought it and gave it to M'Nack) which has two blades like a double headed axe, but at the flick of a switch can turn into a two headed scyth or a halberd. Terrible picture here.
    M'Nack also has wings, teleportation, telepathy, and can cause temporary paralysis by make the enemy fear him.

    ===Not going to be used===
    My second OC ever created and is a general know it all. I shall not be using him or Malanok (the original) in RPing as they would be godmodding every time.
    Malcome is being which has lived longer then universes, can do almost anything imaginable and seems infallible... until Ravanna shows him up. Malcome was trained by a entity known only as "the Old Man". The old man trains normal beings and turns them into, effectively, gods. There are only two grades in the old man's training, pass or fail. Malcome scraped a pass, where as Ravanna passed with flying colours... then killed the old man... but that's another story!
    Malcome usually travels with Elizabeth, so I doubt I will be using her to RP either...

    The heroine of one of my stories, a normal person who accidentally gets stuck between Malcome and Ravanna... Malcome decides to help her...

    Malanok (the original):
    Stabbed with a shard of immortal stone which contained another form of himself from another universe, this bonded the two versions of himself with an innocent energy being which just happened to be near by (poor energy being). Now Malanok has no body except a blue stone. However Malanok can change matter around him at a whim. Normally appearing as a grey humanoid Malanok is angry at pretty much anyone who he doesn't get off on the right foot with straight away.

    A god with a child's mind. Doesn't like people dying and usually hates violence. Usually gets scared of thing which would scare a child (ie a ferocious dragon would have him crying but it would not be able to harm him (he forgets that he is a god)).
    Sandy hair, swirling purple eyes and a wolfish grin. Malama can have a foul temper but usually gets upset before he gets angry.

    I get the feeling I have missed a few out, but I think that that may be it ^-^


    P.S any questions are welcome ^-^


    Name: Stranger (real name unknown)
    Gender: Male
    Age: between 30 and 40 years of age, specific age unknown
    Species: Human (Hero Gene)
    Height: 6’05”
    Weight: unknown
    Build: Tall,muscular, square shouldered
    Eye Colour: ice coloured
    Hair Colour: Pillar-box Red
    Hair Style: Straight, hair reaches the base of shoulder blades
    Race: white Caucasian male
    Markings: minor scars everywhere, not disfiguring

    Long leather coat, Denim jeans, red T-shirt.

    Other Features: Only uses shotguns

    Genral Inventory (can change for RP):
    • 2 shortie shotguns
    • 1 Pancor Jackhammer (and 5 detonators)
    • 1 Modified Winchester Model 1901 (12 gauge barrel)
    • 1 AA-12 (drum or clip fed, varies on scenario)
    • enough 12 gauge shells for the Shorties and Jackhammer
    • 10 Frag 12s for the 1901
    • a variation of ammo types to fill the AA-12 including, but not limited to: birdshot, slug, "Bean Bag", rock salt, TASER, screechers, bolo and dragon's breath
    • a pair of modified combat greaves (with slot to activate next round in shorties)

    Strangers bio is not set in stone. Anyone can add to Stranger's bio as long as it is consistant.
    Genrally Stranger is a survivor of a conflict which has desolated most of his home planet.
    Stranger prefers to be alone with his thoughts, saying little to anyone who decides to follow him.

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