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    The back story, by me (Malanok) wrote:In the distant future mankind has spread out across space and encountered many different species. Alliances have thrived and wars have been few. Many uninhabited planets have been terraformed and populated. The human race can be found almost anywhere in the universe and few care about their origin, earth.

    Through thousands of years of abuse and raping of natural resources, Earth was left to die with the lower classes left to populate it.
    Slowly, all life on Earth died.

    One of the last days of Earth's life, an old man activated a device he had made himself and the earth shook. The ash filled skys burned and became what they were first like, before man. Trees flourished and filled the landmasses. The sees were full of life as new shoals of fish swam through sees which had been sepulchral only moments before.

    Several pioneers returned to earth to reclaim the planet.
    But the planet doesn't want to be reclaimed.

    This RP is based on earth, but not as we know it. pretty much all the planet is covered by jungle and skeletons of citys are being strangled by the new life.

    There are three factions fighting for control over earth:
    The Pioneers (Pion)
    They believe that this new earth should be tamed and controlled; to support a new society. They also want to retrieve the old man's device, which can terraform planets within minutes for the greater good of the universe.

    The Freedom Fighters (3Dom)
    Survivors from the terraforming, these people are renewed with energy and are stronger, faster and smarter than most beings. However there is a cost, they are changing. Thousands of years worth of evolution have been crammed into these people, these people will change as the story goes on. Currently they just want a section of earth to call their own... the section with the most resources.

    Death Legion
    These people are members of an army who want to retrieve the device and use it to kill one planet after another until there is no life left in the universe. No-body knows how deep the pockets of the Death Legion are. No-body knows how far their reach is.
    No-body knows much about them.

    You shall be a member of a Pion team, searching for the old man's device.

    Character limit per member: 3
    Character limit per team: 6

    Any humanoid species with normal reaction times are allowed, but only one member can have heightened reactions etc per team.
    Every character has a limited inventory (you must state what your character is carrying at the start)

    Weaponry is limited
    Ranged weapons are less effective due to the large amounts of cover and limited ammunition
    Power/Energy weapons quickly run out of energy and can rarely be charged (this includes power armour, you don't want to be in a suit when it runs out of power!)
    Ideal weapons for this mission.

    Magic is Nullified
    In all but certain areas of the planet (I shall say when, but I shall not be using character with magic)

    Earth doesn't want us here
    Freak disasters are going to happen to split up the teams... if you break the rules you will die and not be able to bring the character back in this RP.
    However, some maybe counted as dead but brought back later (ie fall down a hole to their death... then wake up from their near death state later on once the team has left)

    Put in your characters' info in spoilers to reduce space if people already know ^-^

    "Felix and Kayden":
    Name: Felix
    Species: Wolf Anthro
    Gendre: Male
    Inventory: flexi combat armour (middle armour value, middle flexibility), 2 long blades, 10 throwing knives, 1 power axe, 2 Gladii, 3 weeks worth of nutrient rations (only about 2 pounds in weight), water flask, map, compass and 30 feet of rope

    Name: Kayden
    Species: Jaguar Anthro
    Gendre Male
    Inventory: Light combat armour (low armour value, high flexibility), Repeating Sniper Rifle with all adapting scope, 305 bullets (30 per clip so 5 clips), "eversharp" Model 1832 Foot Artillery Sword, 3 weeks worth of nutrient rations (only about 2 pounds in weight), water flask, map, compass and an emergency flare gun with 6 shots

    Felix walked over the person he had been assigned to travel with. It was another anthro, which was good; it was a he, which was disappointing.
    "So you must be Kayden, I'm Felix Wolfe." He offered a hand which Kayden shook. "You going to be able to keep up with all that useless kit." Felix laughed lightly and shook his head as he made his way to the tree-line. Felix turned around to tell Kayden to keep up, annoyed that Kayden had already fell behind. This is going to be a long trip.
    Kayden was not there. He heard a voice from ahead of him, already in the jungle.
    "Keep up! Remember, I'm the one who is carrying more!" Felix grinned and followed the Jaguar.

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