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    The Cache: Treasure Hunting RP


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    Re: The Cache: Treasure Hunting RP

    Post  faultypitch on Mon Nov 01, 2010 1:53 am

    "Oh this is just great! Everyone has left but us!" Java yelled

    "Crud! Now what are we gonna do?" Boomer replied.

    Nikifor, waved a hand to Boomer, and made a small gesture which looked like a shield.

    "How could I forgot!" Boomer reached to his back and pulled off a huge plasma shield.

    "Good, Boomer do your best to distract him....I'm sure Nikifor will find a way there. I'm gonna try and call HQ and see if we can get another heli here. Try not to get blown up"

    "'re hilarious Java...I'll do my best not to" Boomer said rolling his eyes.

    Boomer fired a small blast at the tank to get it's attention, as Java rushed behind a pillar of ice behind him.

    "There's gotta be a reception here..." Java whispered to himself as he pressed a few buttons on his arm cannon. "...Aha! There we go!"

    As Boomer held the tank's attention, Nikifor slowly approached the tank, using snow walls as cover against it's motion sensor.

    "The hatch is underneath, I just need to get under. Don't make any reckless moves Boomer. We can't get you fixed if we can't get back to HQ."

    "Hello? HQ, is anyone listening? This is Corporal Java. I need an immediate air-lift. I'm sending coordinates now. Please respond quickly! We have a hostile in an armored vehicle, be ready to bring the rain! Over!"

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    Re: The Cache: Treasure Hunting RP

    Post  Guynio on Mon Nov 01, 2010 1:09 pm

    Dragon watched in tense for a few moments before giving a relieved sigh. "Alright, they didn't hear me, sometimes I'm so glad with this suppressor..." he said to himself before calling Dawn, "Return, our mission's over, we have to go after the next key."

    Dawn gave one small click with the walkie talkie before returning to where Dragon and Devo were. "So what's the plan?"

    "We do what we always do." Devo simply stated, "We follow whatever clues we got and as soon as we run out, we follow theirs."

    The group packed up and went down off the mountain, making sure they would go unnoticed.

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    Re: The Cache: Treasure Hunting RP

    Post  Chanler on Sat Nov 06, 2010 2:07 am

    ( I was tired so if i made lots of misatkes... i don't care Razz, And this also explains why my post is so godamn long >w<)

    Several hours has passed Team kits has made it back to there base where there boss waited for them. As always the two leave blarg ahead. Both of them almost never seeing him. But to them they thought it was for the best. The sounds of bloodcurdling screams are heard from the distant halls making them jump as the screams rose till there ears rung then a shot ending the silence.

    Blarg let's out a sigh twisting the knob of the smooth wooden wax door with the letters in gold. "Mr. Sledge" The door creaking in a slow motion hoping that he was not interrupting him.

    "Ah,Blarg come in, come in just the man i wanna see. Please.. Have a seat i will be with you shortly." The words of Mr. sledge seem very inviting but the anthro wolf turn to see his boss instantly turning his chair away from him. Muttering to himself possibly from his small cell phone. Blarg continued to pad over inside till he sat down at a chair that stood across from his desk. The black wold shifted back and forth a few times getting comfy. The leather squeaking with each movement drumming his paws on his lap as he waited for his boss to finish with anyone on the phone. His tone started to become threatening as he started to yell and swear at the tiny cell before threatening him that he would cut out his heart if he didn't find the package from some dead person that turn up not to long ago. Were they talking about the same guy that was screaming at the halls?

    "OOOOk, so blarg!" The boss boomed in a low gruff like voice now tossing his cell across the desk and facing his smell was the first thing that hit blarg as he smelt like a bunch of expensive cigars wore a black suit with a small red handkerchief out of it's torso pocket and some splotch red blood laid over his coat completely and soaked inside as if he already tried to remove it with water. He also had very long silver strand of spiked hair that laid down to his dark blue shoulders shoulder which he simply ran a hand down at it moving a few strand's that got in his eye. Mr. Sledge was a "Sergal" (Yeah i went there FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! if you don't know what they look like.) this creature looked as if he came off from a mafia movie.Sledge rested his left arm looking over the wolf. "Soo, From what you told me you had some unsuspecting trouble now didn't you? So how many were there? 20- 34 maybe?"

    "There were... i had to say 7..." Blarge said a bit nervous just saying that. "But you see several of them just came out of nowhere plus there was another person with a giant tank. Then there was this rather odd fellow acting like a goddamn one man army took the key. Not only that he has a dragon! or can change into one.. im not sure we only saw him for a brief moment after he was intimating that tank fellow!" Blarg finally stopped feeling a bit red and throwing a paw at the back of his head. "So you see boss, it was just totally unsuspected it won't happen more then ounce."

    Sledge looked at him as if very interested at the story before continuing. "7... Did they see you at all?"

    "Well yes 2 actually, we couldn't get away from them cause they were waiting for someone outside.. it was one of there crew you see i even tryed to bury him alive there but i didn't realize there was more then one entrance.."

    The boss sighed hard leaning hard back against his chair before. "So you talked to them?"

    "Yes just a bit just to hide are identity."

    "So blarg do you know them?"


    Sledge eased back his chair ounce again sliding a bit to reach into a draw next to him pulling out a small box full of cigars. "Want one?"

    "I'm good sir.."

    "Come on! I'm sure your pretty exhausted from your first mission get some of the edge off!"

    "I rather earn it.. Mr. sledge"

    "Take the goddamn cigar you mutt.. >:U"

    "Sure I’d love one!"

    "Good boy, now you said you spoke with them. But you didn't kill them or sabotage anything?"

    "Thats correct sir, in fact we thought we might help them just a bit from that tank person who ever he was.."

    "I see.. You know blarg i have had people betray me before great people.. People like you that i depend on with my life i would say. Unfortunately some of them still go against me. Wither it's stealing something that doesn’t belong to them.. or set ups where they side up with someone and i never hear from them ever again. They never learn that ounce they cross me i'd eventually hunt them down and let them and there several family's suffer.. I need you to make sure that your not stupid enough to go against my orders and that your not setting this up where these so called other people are not actually your friends."

    "Whoa! Hey no way sir i would.. we would never do that mr. sledge, hell your like a father to me." The wolf felt his neck dry out feeling even more tense as he place the cigar in it's mouth in a attempt to break any feeling of him being nervous.

    "Thats good" Sledge sayed now going back to his drawers and placing his hands in one of them. " Then you have nothing to worry about." *SLAM*

    Blarg jumped at the sudden noise seeing sledge just smash his hand at the desk after pulling something out of the drawer. when he removed them it revealed a small 6 mi-la meter pistol laying flat and pointed at blarg.

    "Nothing right." Sledge continued grabbing the pistol and placing it towards the black anthro wolf.

    "Not one damn bit" Blarg said in a bit detest growl seeing the gun now just a feet away from his face. The anthro winced ounce he saw him click the trigger a few times before a ray of light shot out making his head very warm. After several minutes he opened his eyes back to see that it was just a lighter. For the cigar he had! "This guys gonna kill myself before he even get's the chance too" Blarg thought to himself his chest still beating in wtf alert.

    "So anyways!" Mr.sledge continued at the wolf seeing him have a slight panic attack. "I am gonna let you get back on your merry way. I'm gonna lend you some Gear armor suits and weapons of course. This well give you no excuse to fail! Now for the crystal key no one will know where it will appear it only reveals itself to the one who bears the first one. They all stay in one place but finding out which one shows up first of course is gonna be tricky. So your all gonna split up. Your gonna stay at your spot until you see puff the magic dragon go by and your gonna beat him to the next key and wipe him out if you have too for the one he's also holding."

    "Haff, haff, ok.."

    "Dad! I'm back!<3"

    Blarg blinked his eyes a few times. She just came out of nowhere! That are he was more traumatized then he thought. He watched as the young sergal wraped arm around mr. sledge before giving him a wet kiss.

    "Mwah! So whatcha doing dad?" The young sergal said still having it's arm around him tightly. This sergal was about Grey and had a little pink bow at the tip of her tail. And her wrist carried spikes around them with her spiky hair maim mixed with green and purple. She seemed very cute but innocent? That was a whole nother story..

    "Ah good timing chrisy were just about done here. Oh and i almost forgot we have a new recruit for you blarg!"

    The wolf felt a bit tranced at the young lady sergal quickly shaking it off and spoke. "Great can't wait to see him!"

    "HI!" Crhisy said in a cute tone towards blarg giving him a quick wink.

    "Hi chrisy ^ ^, So ..Ahem!! Who this new recruit?"

    "Hello!" Spoke out ounce again her tail wagging excitedly at the wolf.

    "Hi! So who's this.... wait a second."

    Both mr. sledge and chrisy looked at each other then back at blarg.

    Both:Took you long enough!

    "Chrisy hear is gonna keep an eye on you. Just make sure it doesn’t become the other way around.. Understand!" Sledge said nuzzling chrisy a bit.

    "You sure you ok with this? I mean this is very dangerous! Fence nearly had his head blown off from that tank!"

    Sledge began to pat chrisy head as she gave a playful murr. "I think you'd be surprised on how much she can take care of herself. You are staying with her at the dessert at this precise location." Sledge handed him a large map then two more. "that is one of the areas the keys are likely to be. The other two well check the beach shown on this one and the fire mountain."

    "Nice so are we getting separate jets for each other?" Blarg said now puffing on the cigar.



    .............what do you think i am made of money!! >:3

    "Sir im sorry if i..."

    "Bwahaha, geez blarg lighten up i'm just busting your balls."

    "ehehe, well your busting something..." Blarg thought to himself placing a paw at his chest.

    "Yes, you each get your private jet at those locations. Get some rest cause your leaving early tomorrow!" Sledge announced shooing the black wolf away. "No more screw ups!"

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    Re: The Cache: Treasure Hunting RP

    Post  faultypitch on Sat Nov 06, 2010 11:03 am

    ( very cool post dude and that's fine)
    [Before several hours passed]
    An aircraft, shaped like a very curvy T, colored like a bee, made it's way towards Nikifor's team. The soldier in the tank kept his aim on Boomer, firing powerful plasma blasts at him. Boomer managed to dodge each one, but kept getting tossed by the shockwave as they hit the ice, slowly melting it away.

    Nikifor tried to jump out of cover and dash for the tank, but Java yelled for him to stop

    Rushing his way, Java got into cover with him
    "Hold on Nik, we got air support en route, we gotta hold our ground"

    "Don't you mean Boomer? I mean you just volunteered him to distract the soldier in the tank"

    "Well, fine, let's all keep this guy busy, without getting our rears blown to hell."

    "Guys! A little help!"

    "For crying out loud Boomer!"
    Nikifor jumped up fired on the tanks chainguns, hoping to destroy them, but just damaging them. This immediately got the soldier's attention and the turret aimed at him.
    "Oh shit! Take cover!"

    The blast sent them flying as it hit where they once stood.

    Java landed with a thud on the ice. He coughed once.
    "I should of called in today....ugh."
    He heard a distant roar.
    "Aha! They're here! Boomer! Get to cover!This is gonna be Danger Close!"

    "Oh shit!" the soldier exclaimed.

    The aircraft, one of Nikifor's team's own fighters swooped in, and fired a missile, loaded with a mixture of acid, an EMP bomb and a small drop of nitroglycerin, stabilized until it hit its target.

    Nikifor and his team just had enough time to duck behind some ice before the blast came in and hit the tank, neutralizing it's equipment, the acid instally ate the outer hull of the tank, and the nitroglycerin destroyed what was left of it.

    Coughing from a snowy amount of dust, Nikifor got out of cover.
    "Hot damn! Woohoo! Now that's what I'm talking about!"

    The ship landed, and it's pilot, a lime-green renamon, waved for them to step inside, as a small hatch on the side opened up, a compartment for wounded or troops

    "Ugh took her long enough...I was almost a goner for sure!"

    "Oh shut up Boomer, at least we're alive now!"

    "Quit yapping you two! We got little time, I'm sure HQ wants answers now..." Nikifor yelled

    "Well if they want answers, then I want some hot cocoa and some good ramen, and heat." Java said, boarding the ship

    Boomer patted on the fuselage of the ship
    "Thanks a lot Flaw! You saved our bacon!"

    Java's stomach grumbled
    "Boomer, did you just have to mention food?"

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    Re: The Cache: Treasure Hunting RP

    Post  Guynio on Sat Nov 06, 2010 3:01 pm

    -As the airstrike comes in-

    Devo's ears twitched a bit as they were walking down the mounting, "What was that..."

    Dragon had meanwhile already started running, "A loud explosion followed by a tremble. We're walking down a mountain. We better start running to avoid-

    An avalance started forming on top of the mountain


    Devo and Dragon ran while Dawn activated her wings and simply flew down the mountain, she would've picked up either but her wings weren't strong enough for that. Luckily for the three, a big rock was sticking out of the mountain and they quickly went and hid underneath it, properly protected from the avalance.

    Dragon sighs, "Alright, so after this one's over, we have to head back into town and regroup with the rest. Maybe the scouts found out something."

    As said, the three walked on downwards.

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    Re: The Cache: Treasure Hunting RP

    Post  Sedsone on Sun Nov 07, 2010 1:24 pm

    After flying for some time Daroth finally found a cozy cave but it was to large for his dragon form so in order to get inside he first need to change back to his human form. In order to do that he first rip into icy mountain whit his claws and started climbing towards cave. When he was close enough he put his head inside and change back into human form which was now small enough for him to climb inside. The was to his surprise much warmer then expect and also it seemed like it was leading somewhere but he decided not to explore further as he was to tired so the only thing he did was barricading the entrance whit some ice to keep the cold wind outside and activating one of his heat rod to keep himself warm as he took out the map of this planet.

    "Well now lets see if the legend works after all" Whit that said he moved the key above the map and waited for any kind of reaction. He didn't need to wait long though as key started flashing as he had move it above the what it seemed to be a group of small islands.

    "Well this will take a me a while to get to it...I'm guessing about 3 days...might as well get my self a companion for towns on the way...but for now I need some rest" Whit those words spoken he put the key and the map back into his backpack and fallen asleep.

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    Re: The Cache: Treasure Hunting RP

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