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    writing block story


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    writing block story

    Post  Sedsone on Sun Aug 01, 2010 12:14 pm

    I kinda wrote this during my "writing block" in attempt to get rid of it so yea there are spelling mistakes Razz


    "Prepare for planetary invasion" echoed command throe speakers. Immediately after that the whole room was cheering as solders were preparing for invasion. While low ranked solders were assembling around drop pods awaiting for their deployment the admiral which commanded preparation turned to throne and knell before it "My lord the troops are ready to attack and conquer this word in your name"

    "Another primitive world, not much of a challenge" said figure on throe boringly "Fine first destroy their capital city and every other city whit in capital city radios of 10 km and after they agree whit surrender I want that you transport 70% of surviving planet population to our mining planets and decimate another 10% of them just to make sure there will be no rebellion"

    "Yes lord Selzak" said Admiral and turned speaker on again "This is Admiral Scazer speaking to the fleet assemble in OB formation and await further orders"

    "Captain of Royal Guards...order preparation of my mech I will join this battle my self as well" Guard next to throne nod and went towards hangar. After few moments later a short three sounded beeping was heard from throne and that person sitting on it stand up and walked towards hangar as well but before it leaved the bridge it turned to Admiral and spoke "Begin the bombardment 1 minute after those primitives surrender understand?"

    "Aye my lord" reply Admiral Scazer as he began coordinating fleet in position.

    Meanwhile on the forested planet that the fleet wanted to conquer a army was assembled in hope of defending their planet from unknown invaders. The defending army was consider primitive because it still used ballistic weapons and swords. While their enemy used weapons far more powerful and more devastating.The planet population was about to launch in space when a fire from sky and destroy their long work in a single powerful strike. When the recovering teams arrived at the scene all they found was a kilometer wide hole. Just few moments later their observation post they received reports of alien space ships in their moon orbit. Just few hours later whole fleet could be seen by naked eye. Any attempts to communicate whit those ships were unsuccessful. A few day ago a active sing of aggression was displayed as unknown objects were detected and coming towards populated areas and soon those areas were gone as those unknown objects completely destroyed them. And only two hours later drop pods were deploy carrying troops and strange vehicles they never seen except in their movies. After landing those alien forces quickly rounded up weak and poorly organized militia members. What become of their fate is unknown to planet government how ever it was know to them that they were hostile so they mobilize their entire armed forces and position them around key areas. As soon as alien ground troops attacked the army manages to hold them back and defeat them several time however they suffered heavy losses. All battles were going well till aliens drop their pods directly in their capital and destroy armed forces there and then began to kill everyone on sight and surrounded governor palace before they rushed in. In response to this army quickly withdraw back into capital city in order to save their leaders who have in a act of desperation fire their strongest weapon at space ships hoping that they will at least slow them down. Those weapons were nuclear missiles and most of them were fired at largest alien ship they have found whit their observations.

    "Admiral we have incoming missiles coming straight towards us" said alien behind radar console "So? Shoot them down" responded admiral and look at screen to look at those missiles "Hmm...primitive nuclear missiles...move spheres to destroy them while they are still away from us" whit that said the nearby sphere carrier ship broke in hundred spheres and all of them began to fire at missiles send at them. How ever not all of them were destroyed in time as some hit Scazer flagship escort and it was immediately destroyed. How ever that explosion also made every other nuclear missiles to blow up prematurely. "Damage report GIVE ME DAMAGE REPORT OF THE FLEET!" yelled Scazer to his subordinates "GIVE ME THE DAMN REPORT" what said again he slammed his paws against console "Sir we lost some auxiliary support ships ans few destroyers but nothing serious"

    Meanwhile on planet lord Selzak landed whit his drop pod and left it whit a mechanical form of Flamedramon emerge from it "Well lets see just how primitive they really are" that said he moved whit his mech forward till it came across four vehicles that resemble a tank. How ever since all four of them were busy providing close artillery fire they didn't notice him...yet "Heh their mistake" thought Selzak t him self as he fires magma beam directly at them and it reaps throe two of them which were in a row. Those two tanks didn't explode right before third tank was throws over cliff directly on supply trucks which exploded in miraculous explosion "Ahhh soo beautiful fire" that said the remaining tank open fire at mech but due its shield protection it had no effect on it."Primitive" mech then turned to remaining tank and destroy it whit magma ball. Then he had witness missiles being fired into air "Hmm seems like they are not so primitive after all"


    "Go go go" spoke colonel as he lead his company thru devastated capital city "We have to evacuate our generals and leader before those alien freaks get to them!" as they progress thru devastated town they noticed large amount of weapons all over streets "By the....what happened here?" asked private as he examine weapons on ground. "Their handles are slightly burned...LOOK OUT!" moment later 2 members of company were vaporized in think air as they were hit whit orange lasers. By the time other members could hide four more solders were killed by same fire. "Does any one see the shooter!?"

    "Yes sir...seems like a dinosaur!" reply private as he spotted what looked like a dinosaur head on which there were 2 legs attached to it and laser guns on both side of its head.

    "WELL WHAT YOU WAITING! GET RID OF IT!" whit that order still echoing in AT trooper ears he lifted himself out of cover and fire his weapon at enemy. To much of every one surprise that dinosaur was killed in first shoot and its head exploded. "HELL YEAH!"

    "Don't get too cocky now just cause you kill one of those things in one shoot. THOSE THINGS HAVE DESTROYED MOST OF OUR WORLD IN JUST 2 DAYS!" yelled colonel at private. His yelling however attracted more dinosaur head machines to their location and before company realized half of them were killed. "SHIT TAKE COVER!" after successful elimination of dino head machines a second in command turned to colonel "Sir if possible avoid yelling cause whit your strong voice you'll only attract more of those things here to kill us"

    "'re right...those deaths were unnecessary" Said colonel and pick up his rifle "Lets not waste anymore time advance carefully towards our objective" next half of the way went rather easy for them as only few dino heads were seen whit minor alien escort which they have destroyed using hit, run and ambush tactic. But then to their horror they saw fire from the sky hitting their objective and reducing it to rubble then several more fire was seen and all around them was blowing up in same way as did their objective. But they didn't have much time to grief over their failed mission as another fire hit them and vaporized everyone in thin air and ash. Their mission to savage generals and their leaders has ended along whit their lifes.

    After bombardment destroy planet capital city it spread to destroy any city or village in 14 km
    radius around planet capital city.


    "Bombardment completed admiral" said alien behind console "And lord Selzak is returning to ship as well"

    "Good, prepare transport ships to load prisoners on them and they are to be shifted to our mining planets at ounce!" ordered admiral Scazer from his command chair. "And send our congratulations to our lord as well."

    "That will be unnecessary admiral" said lord Selzak as he entered battleship bridge. "My lord" said admiral Scazer and stand up to salute him "Congratulations on your victory!" crew on bridge followed his example "Congratulations on your victory LORD SELZAK!"

    Lord Selzark gave a smile and said "It was a easy battle thanks to you...admiral if I may talk to you in private" Admiral walked to his quarters and open doors "We can talk in here lord" Lord Selzak walks in and as soon as admiral closed doors he spoke whit him "I decided that due the troubles the natives of this world were giving us we'll transport 80% of them to mining planets and that 15% of them must be killed leaving only 5% of them on their home world" Admiral nod and said "We'll make it happen at once"

    "Also I want that this planet is colonized by Flamedramons and then mine every resources that are left here, also those Flamedramons who have died in battle are to be immediately turn it you understand me?"

    "We don not have any colony ships whit us...but we will signal our command to send them and we will begin on cyborgnizing the fallen as soon as we'll carry out your orders...anything else my lord?"

    "Yes...the reason why I've call you to talk in private is that I am demoting you to captain of a ship of my choosing"

    Admiral couldn't believe his ears and spoke "Demote me to captain? What for?! Didn't you wont this battle!?" Lord Selzak smiled and answered "Reason I'll demote you is simple, you let those primitive nuclear missiles to hit our fleet and cause damage to it as well as loosing several ships"

    Admiral shake his fists in anger and asked calmly "What ship will I get to command?"

    "You will command a patrol frigate whit no chance to advance in ranks as long as you serve under me"Whit that said both of them left out of former admiral quarters and lord Selzak announced news of admiral Scazer resignation and assume command over battleship.

    "Now we send the news to our emperor...LONG LIVE FLAMES OF THE EMPIRE OF FLAME!"
    said Selzak and his crew followed whit exact cheering.


    In about the same time a creature had jump from its bed and breathe fast. The creature name was Renaria ruler of Tao and one of leaders of Human Renamon Alliance. She held her head and taught at what she just saw."Our Tao city' flames...our forest turned to ashes....oceans...boiled so much that no life could live in it....kitsunes...and humans living on it...working as slaves for some aliens...while I and my son lay dead by ruling alien palace nothing more but a pile of junk"
    She then stood up and looked outside her window towards the moon and spoke. "No...that wont happen as long as I am alive and as long we have our forces strong! And I'll be dammed I I'll ever let those filthy aliens set foot on MY TAO to destroy all of my and my people hard work!"


    so yeah kinda bad story Shocked

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    Re: writing block story

    Post  faultypitch on Sun Aug 01, 2010 12:56 pm

    Not too bad of a story.

    All it needs is some linking of events, and a bit of some length.

    Not bad for a story written during a writer's block.

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