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    Ultimon's charecters


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    Ultimon's charecters

    Post  Ultimon on Thu Aug 05, 2010 5:15 am

    This list has all my OCs (along with myself) along with gender and what species they are ,transformations and fetures.
    gender-origianlly male and can also go female
    species-renamon (ultimate level version)
    transformations-victorygreymon (male form only), little fox, giant fox, super sayin, super sayin 2, super sayin 3 (victorygreymon only) and sakuyamon (female form only)
    features-dark grey and cyan fur (when not in super sayin) amount of tails relevant to sayin level (one tail for not powered up and super sayin and two tails for super sayin 2) and green eyes in all forms

    species-renamon(mega level version)
    transformations-metalbloodmon (super ultimate level), little fox and giant fox
    features-blood red and white fur, two tails (no tails when metalbloodmon)and green eyes that go blood red when enraged

    species-renamon (champion level version)
    transformations-sakuyamon, super sayin and super sayin 2 (both super sayin forms renamon only)
    features-black and white fur, ocean blue eyes, amount of tails relavant to sayin level (one when not powered up and super sayin and two tails when super sayin 2)

    gender-male (but has mechanical arms for female renamons oddly enough)
    species-renamon (superultimate level version)
    transformaions-little fox and giant fox
    features-white and brown fur (red mane), green eyes (can change colour depending on the activity he's doing) one tail and mechanical arms which can detach and also transform into other wepons
    this'll be it for now, until I'm bothered to do more stuff for it lol!

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