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    Space saga


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    Re: Space saga

    Post  Ultimon on Tue Sep 07, 2010 3:58 am

    "This is your stop shangrelli." Cyber said and the elite walked out of the doors and as they looked in, most of the in mates are out cold, leaveing the red sergal with only a few bruises on him.
    "Wow. He's the only one left awake." The dragoness said in awe.
    "Guess he's seen a lot of war then."
    "Guess so and I guess it's time to set off for the other jail, right?"
    "Yep, but it may take a while seeing as most of the in mates our out cold." C-blood said and they watched the unconsious inmates take get carried off the transport and then the doors closed and the ship took off.
    "So how far is the female prison?"
    "Only a few miles, so you should'nt worry about it."
    "Okay." And the dragoness looked out the window, "Do you usually have escorts?"
    "No, why?" The piolet asked
    "Becuase we're surrounded by ships."
    Cyber looks out the window and sees four attack cruisers with symbols he's all too familiar with, "I gotta take them out."
    "Are you nuts!?" The piolet shouted, "They kill you!"
    "I'm what they're after and it may give you both a chance to live." And he walks to the back door and opens it, "Hope this gives you a safe journey." And he jumps out of the door and free falls out of the ship with the cruisers persueing him.

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    Re: Space saga

    Post  Sedsone on Sun Oct 31, 2010 5:00 pm

    Captain turned to AI and asked "So tell old is this ship exactly?"

    "I believe that it would be about 3.4 million years in your time" replied Aurum as she observed the ship schematics to see what humans fixed and what else is needed to be fixed" It seems that you fixed pretty much did you know how to fix the machinery that is tens of thousand of years ahead of your own technology?"

    "We were just lucky I guess"

    "Or maybe not...I scanned you DNA...there are some small traces of Aurnor DNA in you...its possible that your ancestors were the crew of this ship."

    "Admiral what just happen on board of this ship?" asked Nero as he come on bridge "It went haywire before the test battle"

    "That would be due Aurum...the Ship Hybrid between Aurnorian and Artificial Intelligence"

    "How is that possible?"

    "A programing that is to complicated for you to understand now...but just to put it simple...I am one whit the sip and you are walking inside of my body"

    "Wonderful" replied Nero whit sarcasm "can this get any better?"

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    Re: Space saga

    Post  faultypitch on Sun Oct 31, 2010 5:13 pm

    Walking around the corner, he spotted a a small group ahead of him.

    "Looks like guards. So this ship isn't abandoned after all." Rio mumbled under his breath. "Can't tell if they have weapons, but I'm not gonna take a chance running at them."

    He looked for a hallway to go around them, but before he could decide, they broke, and began patrolling, one down the hallway he was at.
    Rios hung to the wall, covering himself and even his shadow. He waited for the guard to pass by and them tried to grab him, but all he caught was dead air, as the soldier vanished before his eyes.

    "W-what the...?" he yelled, trying to stay quiet.

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    Re: Space saga

    Post  Ultimon on Sat Dec 04, 2010 12:39 pm

    As the robotic armed renamon went into free-fall off the ship, he spun around in the air, removeing the uniform he was wearing, showing a battle harness on his chest and and armour around everything below his waist.
    "I hope you boys have parachutes" Cyberbloodmon said to himself and controlled his free-fall to land onto an enemy ship, then his arms make a clicking sound and his hands retracted and drills built up around the empty space and spun violently as he made a perfect landing.
    "One down" He said as dug his drills into on of the wings, tearing a hole into it, causeing the ship to spin out of contorl. He made a desperate jump and landed safely onto his feet and he watched the ship fall to the ground within a firey explosion.
    "Lets see how well you can keep up" He said as he ran off and his arms clicked again, but this time, his drills went into his arms and nothing took their place, except for a navy blue glow and he started to run back wards, aiming his arms at the ships following him.
    "Try to dodge this!" He shouted and his arms repeatedly fired beams of energy at them.

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    Re: Space saga

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