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    Machine's Charecters



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    Machine's Charecters

    Post  machine on Sun Aug 29, 2010 4:19 pm

    Here are three charecters I have made so far

    Name: Blazek
    Gender: Female
    Species: Wolf
    Age: 22
    Bio: Depends on the roleplay.
    Strengths: A pretty good theif, agile, decent fighter.
    Weaknesses: Easily tricked

    Name: Hunter
    Gender: Male
    Species: Wolf
    Age: 23
    Bio: Depends on RP
    Strengths: Good fighter, loyal
    Weaknesses: Depends on the rp

    Gender: Female
    Species: Renamon
    Age: 21
    Bio: Depends on the rp
    Strengths: excellent fighter
    Weaknesses: Easily tricked, very bad luck

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