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    WereRenamon's Characters


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    WereRenamon's Characters

    Post  WereRenamon on Fri Sep 23, 2011 2:14 pm

    Name: WereRenamon
    Nickname: WereRen
    Race: Rena
    Partner: Zane Fraser
    Age: She was created 1 year ago but seems about 30 years old with how she acts.
    Appearance: A white Renamon with silver markings and gloves. Also has blue eyes.
    Gender: Male but can be female with a ring he has if needed or if he wants.
    Ability: Able to change sizes and shift to human.
    Normal Height and weight:
    Renamon form: Average Renamon height and weight.
    Human form: 5ft.5
    Max height and weight:
    Both forms: Limitless
    Min height and weight:
    Both forms: Limitless
    Attacks: Wild Paw and Crystal Silo
    Evolutions: WereKyubimon, WereTaomon, WereSakuyomon, and WereSakuyomon Burst Mode
    Bio: He was created in a lab with the DNA of a werewolf and a Renamon. He was made to delete all digimon but realized how wrong that was after an incident where the ones who created him deleted a scared Tokomon. He then later met Zane and vowed to protect innocent digimon and humans. He gained the power to change his size after finding a corupted Goliath card.

    Name: Zane Fraser
    Race: Human
    Age: 18
    Eye color: Blue
    Skin color: pale white
    Hair color: blond
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5ft.
    Weight: 120lbs.
    Bio: Orphaned at age 10, he made a living on winning digimon card tounaments. He wasn't great, but he was a master of combos. Eventually, he met WereRen and agreed to be his partner. He sometimes gets WereRen to be female so he won't feel so alone, but only in private so he won't be judged.

    I have other characters but I'm starting with these for now.

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