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    Malanok Tryce


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    Malanok Tryce

    Post  Malanok on Tue Jul 13, 2010 7:50 am

    Picture now here ^-^

    Name: Malanok Tryce
    Gender: Male
    Age: 25 years (Frozen at age of 25; due to being 25 at time of death. He refused to tell us his real age)
    Species: Spectre Arctic Wolf (An arctic wolf with the ability to turn ethereal at any time. He insinuated that he has other abilities, but refused to tell.)
    Height: 7’00”
    Weight: 185 pounds (When not in his ethereal form; which was hard to find as he is sensitive about his weight.)
    Build: Tall, thin, not muscular, but toned.
    Eye Colour: Dark Blue
    Hair Colour: Pillar-box Red
    Hair Style: Straight, hair reaches the base of shoulder blades
    Fur Colour: White
    Markings: Faded arctic wolf markings

    White bindings around forearms and shins at all times (Not certain if this should be in markings or clothing.)
    Likes formalwear, but does wear jeans a fair bit (When wearing jeans he tends not to wear a shirt.)

    Other Features: Deep blue flame aura around: forearms, hands, shins, feet and spine when angry.


    P.S think that about covers it (until I get a picture). If you have any questions, feel free to ask ^-^


    oops! I forgot personality & etc ^^;

    Fighting Style wrote:Malanok Tryce is a very stereotype furry, always looking for a good time (with both guys and gals); as such he has gotten into more than one fight, however he does not like to fight and always tries to diffuse the situation before going going onto the offensive.

    When fighting Malanok tends to shift to the ethereal plane between attacks, negating most physical attacks thrown at him.

    Malanok is like a glass cannon, although he can pack a punch, if caught out his material form cannot take much of a beating before dispersing; when this happens Malanok must build the energy to create a new body by stealing excess energy, this can take some time to accomplish.

    With regards to physic abilities, Malanok is like most spectres, being able to throw a plant pot across the room is about the limit of his abilities. However Malanok's physic defensive are nigh impenetrable when he is in his ethereal form.

    Summery: Glass Cannon with hit and run fighting style

    Known Abilities wrote:Shapeshift: Malanok can shape shift to a degree but these forms are more like illusions and can easily shattered causing him to shift back or go to the etheral plane.

    Telekinesis: Malanok has alpha level telekinesis meaning he struggles on the most basic of tasks.

    Tounge of the Syrian: Malanok is a smooth talker and can be quite persuasive. People with physic abilities can ignore this if they try, but most do not realise that they are being tricked.

    Regeneration: Malanok can regenerate from open wounds quickly but this costs alot of energy and major wounds cause him to require to return to the ethereal plane.
    Bound: Malanok is bound to our world meaning that he cannot be completely destroyed and will eventually recover from any attack.

    Weaknesses wrote:Malanok tries to see the best in people making him quite gullible the first time he meets someone new or the person swears that they have changed.

    Forgiving... too forgiving... as such Malanok will give up the higher ground if he believes it will diffuse the scenario.

    Don't quite know how to put this, but I will try: Malanok is into the same interests as stereotype furries, during this he must remain in his physical form (well, kinda has to) and is quite distracted at this time too ^^;


    P.S opinions, questions and constructive criticism gladly accepted ^-^

    N.B sorry about the bold and underlining... been on warseer and other such forums too long ^^;

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