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    Yay Forum Filling!

    Malanok (Me) from DA wrote:
    I walked through the snow; the trees by the side of the path were quite lush for this time of year. I rearranged the heavy pack on my shoulders. I walked down the familiar track, I stopped once I reached the part of the waist-high stone wall which had cracked; I sat on the flat part and looked back at how far I had traveled. The cold and refreshing wind brushed past me as I and thought about life.
    Soon later I got up and continued on my journey, the soft snow crunching beneath my feet. I know that the route I had taken was longer than the route everybody else takes, I didn’t care; this is my route.
    I slowed my pace; there was a deer on the track ahead of me. I watched it and it, in turn, looked up at me. She was used to me by now and only moved about ten foot away before she carried on grazing. I walked faster to hurry past; I did not want to spook her now by hanging around too long.
    I had almost reached my destination; there was only this last hill until I could see it. I climbed up the hill using the footholds I had made by placing my feet in the same places hundreds of times before.
    As I reached the top of the hill there was a bone chilling wolf howl; I turned around and saw that Askari, the deer I had seen earlier, had gone. I turned back and saw my destination, the windows were gleaming orange in the setting sun. Despite the heavy pack on my back I ran down the hill.
    I had reached the edge of the gravel driveway when he came around the corner of the wooden cabin; he let out another howl and slowly stalked towards me, ice blue eyes focused on me and were unblinking.
    The grey wolf was a meter away from me when it stopped and stared; I walked past it, offering my hand as I passed; he sniffed my hand, once he had decided that I was who he thought I was he licked my fingers. I unloaded the wood from my pack and stored it under the lean-to. By the time I had finished, the wolf had curled up and was peering over it’s back at me.
    “Common Genghis, let’s go inside.” I said as I opened the door; Genghis the wolf walked past me and went inside to curl up by the fireplace.


    P.S Hope you all enjoyed ^-^

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