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    New character (Probably not for RPing, but could you take a look anyhoo?)


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    New character (Probably not for RPing, but could you take a look anyhoo?)

    Post  Malanok on Wed Sep 08, 2010 5:02 pm

    This is a new character idea I have been thinking of:
    I wrote:Name: Britannica

    Gender: Female

    Age: unknown, at least four hundred years, however dating anything before the Global Conflict is next to impossible we cannot know for certain.

    Species: Human (Hero Gene)

    Height: Seven foot (2.1m)

    Physique: Slender, strong.

    Personality: Quiet, proud, confident and caring

    Appearance: She wears archaic armour, a combination of chain, plate and scale, which hugs her form. The armour was once brighter then pure silver, but has dulled with age. She wears a cloak which was once pillar-box red, but is now a burgundy through age and use. She always wears a helmet made of the same metal as the armour; it has a smooth front with only details for the eye slits. The top of the helmet has a mane of long red hair, similar to that of the Roman style, but the hair is long and limp. Her actual hair colour is a light brown colour and her eyes are clear water blue.
    Although she is comely, she is not beautiful.

    Inventory: Britannica usually carries only the essentials, her sword and shield.
    Her sword is a short bladed sword, with blood grooves, which has a Celtic knot pattern hilt.
    Her shield has the symbol which was on the flag of her homeland, once vibrantly painted, but now faded with age and wear.

    Additional Information/Abilities:
    Britannica is immortal; as such she does not age, she is more resilient to sickness and she can survive most lethal wounds.

    Britannica has a unique physiology which makes her faster, stronger smarter and more durable than normal humans however this dramatically reduces her chances to conceive a child.

    Although she rarely uses this ability Britannica can fly for short periods of time; this is mostly used when she is falling to land neatly and lightly upon her feet, to lengthen he leaps and for dramatic effect.

    Britannica can regenerate, however to do this she must remain still and use a lot of her bodies energy, as such she only uses this ability on wounds which would kill her if left unattended.

    Her armour, shield and sword are made out of a metal which is unique; this metal is almost indestructible, however unlike other such metals this metal is light allowing free movement.

    Britannica walks to her destinations vary rarely using transport, even when offered to her.

    Britannica lived in the city for the first seventy years of her life. She was only eight when her family were killed by a small gang. After that she was raised by her grandmother. Her grandmother held close to her heart her heritage of noble birth, although distant. Her grandmother told her about their home country with such enthusiasm that it was contagious. Britannica studied relentlessly in her free time, looking at myth and lore behind Britain.
    When Britannica was twenty-three her grandmother showed her an ancient suit of armour which was entrusted to her. She said it was time that Britannica looked after it.

    It was Britannica’s secret pleasure that she put the suit on and practiced her swordplay when nobody was home. When she was doing so one time her grandmother stepped out of her hiding place in the shadows. She was not angry nor happy, completely emotionless.

    For a week Britannica’s grandmother didn’t talk to her, but something flashed in her eyes when Britannica screamed at her that it was now her suit of armour, to use as she saw fit.

    Two days after Britannica had yelled at her grandmother she awoke when smoke was in the air, the house was on fire, Britannica quickly rushed to her grandmother’s room to save her.

    Her grandmother was not there.

    Britannica ran to the hall to see ten men in business suits standing in a semicircle around her grandmother. The man standing in the centre stepped forward and shouted at the elderly woman.

    “That suit was not you inheritance, it was supposed to be my father’s and mine in turn, as such it shall go to my daughter when she is of age.” The elderly woman laughed to herself.

    “The suit is for a woman, your father could not wear the suit, as such it was mine by birthright, and then my daughter’s and now my granddaughter’s.”

    “But I made sure. When you die there is no-one for the suit to go to. Due to the accident I arranged your daughter and her family died. You are the last of your line, lady, I will get that suit either now or when you die, Hag.”

    Britannica ran quietly back to her room and put on the suit. When she returned she saw the man who had previously been arguing with her grandmother with a sword pointed at her grandmother’s chest.

    He saw her in the suit and was infuriated, plunging the sword into her grandmother’s chest. Shortly after, all the men were dead and Britannica was by her grandmother’s side.

    “From now on, you shall be known as Britannica. It is said all who wear that suit are destined for greatness. I was too scared to put it on when I was younger, and I kept it hidden from your mother for fear of what will happen to you if she died trying to for fill a destiny which was not meant for her. I knew that it was meant for you since I saw you wearing it. I am proud of you.” With her piece said her grandmother sighed, almost with relief and was still.

    Britannica took to the streets, living as a “Super Hero” or, as she preferred, a Hero of Olde.

    When Britannica was seventy the world fell into chaos, supernations started to throw their weight around and after a brief but devastating war most of the world was in ruins.

    Centuries later Britannica still walks and does heroic deeds, preserving Britain’s Honour, despite nobody knowing of a Britain, the country being lost those centuries ago.

    Any comments, criticisms or questions which would help me develop this character will be gladly accepted.

    Many thanks


    P.S Sorry, kinda rushed it near the end, I will flesh it out later on ~.^

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