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    Don't Call Me Sweetheart


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    Don't Call Me Sweetheart

    Post  Kal on Sun Jan 01, 2012 2:30 pm

    Just a short story I came up with.

    Theresa Fawn exited the elevator, smoothing out her black, flexible, lightly-armored uniform was as she did. It was becoming a bit of a habit for her; she liked to look good, presentable. Nevertheless, she was in a foul mood, due in no small part to her upcoming meeting.
    There was a large, ornate door at the end of the hallway she’d entered, with two guards standing on either side of it. As she approached, the guards opened the doors and Fawn stepped into the head office. Derrick Yuan was sitting behind a polished oak desk in a big, cushioned red chair. He had his feet up on the desk, wore a red business suit, and square-framed, reflective sunglasses.
    As a military advisor, Fawn had dealings with Yuan Inc. before, and she hadn’t relished any of them. The weapons company reps had been exceedingly rude, and Derrick, the head of the company, was said to be worse.
    “So, you’re the inspector?” Yuan said. “They told me you were a real ball-buster, but they didn’t say anythin’ about you bein’ hot.”
    I’m barely in here two minutes and he’s already hitting on me, she thought.
    “Mr. Yuan,” She began. “I’m going to cut to the chase here. You already know why I’m here, and I assume you realize…Are you listening to me?”
    Yuan shrugged.
    “Sorry, I was just admirin’ your…face.”
    Theresa frowned.
    “My eyes are up here, Mr. Yuan.”
    “Of course they are.” He replied. “Cute ones, too. You were sayin’?”
    She was disliking him more and more every minute.
    “You know a lot about guns, I assume?”
    “Hell, of course I do!” He said. “I built my whole empire on guns!”
    “Then you know that they must work correctly to be effective.” She continued.
    “Yup.” He replied. “It’s all about keepin’ the barrels clean. I bet you’ve cleaned a few barrels...”
    Theresa’s eyes narrowed, but she kept her voice calm.
    “Well, clearly you aren’t cleaning your barrels well enough. Your rifles are faulty at best. You know this, and you have done nothing about it. You could lose millions.”
    “How you gonna take them from me, sweetheart?” He said with a grin. “I only carry single bills, but you’re used to being paid like that, right?”
    Fawn stood straight up, quivering with indignation.
    “What’s the matter, sweet pea? Did I strike a nerve?”
    Enough of this.
    “I’ll put it bluntly, Mr. Yuan.” She growled. “Your innuendo is not appreciated, and neither are your faulty products. They’re costing soldiers their lives; I won’t allow that to continue.”
    “Let me guess.” Yuan said, as if nothing alarmed him. “You plan to gimme a slap on the wrist?”
    “Try an indefinite termination of your military contracts.” She responded.
    That made him sit up.
    “You can’t do that to me. I’m you’re biggest contractor!”
    “Not anymore.” She hissed.
    She turned on her heel and moved to the door, pausing briefly.
    “And just a tip: it would have been better if you hadn’t called me sweetheart.”

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