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    Major's Military info

    Major Mozzer
    Major Mozzer

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    Major's Military info Empty Major's Military info

    Post  Major Mozzer Tue Jul 13, 2010 2:52 pm

    Name: The Furry/Human Alliance (TFHA)

    location: was in Nevada but has moved to a different location since then

    general infomation:
    The TFHA consists of humans,Renamons,keepers and chimeras. Known affliations our the H.A.F (Human Armed Forces) and the persidem council

    The Uprising
    Obsidein Conflict
    Russian, American War
    The Replica outbreak
    Strider Mountain
    The fight for Black Mesa
    The Z-war

    members: over 500,000 strong
    weaponry: mainly human weapons but also consists of prototype weapons and council weapons
    Vehicals: again, basic human military vehicals but also have EPAs (Elite Powered Armour, Mechs) and some UNSC ships.
    Other things: A prototype portal and one anti matter bomb

    Overall objective: Military dominance

    Known enemys:
    The Combine

    i don't expect anyone to read all of that but if you did then go buy yourself a cake.

    You've earned it Wink

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    Major's Military info Empty Re: Major's Military info

    Post  Kal Sun Jan 01, 2012 3:59 pm

    Replicas too, eh? Wow.

    I'll take that cake now :3

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